A few weeks ago I did my first official giveaway via my instagram feed (@erosephoto) – and @juanitashandmade was the winner! Juanita is an artist, and she sells her beautiful work at Dos Manos and Octopus Ink in Anchorage…check it out if you’re local!
I have a special love for photographing families in their homes. Maybe its a weird part of my personality but I love to see how people choose to decorate their walls and organize their space. I think of the images I capture in homes as a sort of time capsule. There’s something special about looking back at photos from when you were young…having something tangible┬áto hold along with those sweet childhood memories. The Martins just welcomed baby girl number four, sweet Audie Wynn. So it was the perfect time to slow down time for a little while and take some pictures. Here are some of my favorites. Anchorage Family photosjuanitas handmade family portraits-6juanitas handmade family portraits-2juanitas handmade family portraits-7martin family-1juanitas handmade family portraits-5juanitas handmade family portraits-11juanitas handmade family portraits-12juanitas handmade family portraits-14juanitas handmade family portraits-20juanitas handmade family portraits-8juanitas handmade family portraits-22juanitas handmade family portraits-25juanitas handmade family portraits-19juanitas handmade family portraits-18juanitas handmade family portraits-29juanitas handmade family portraits-30juanitas handmade family portraits-31

Anchorage Family Photos :: Martin Family

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March 20, 2016

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