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Like most of the country, I have spent the last month in either self-isolation or abiding by mandatory hunker-down orders. It has been a wild season, and I will probably share more on how I’m doing here in my little isolation bubble at another time. But not today! Today I’m going to talk about Catherine […]

King Street Brewery Wedding

I’m going to get to this Girdwood Elopement at Alyeska Resort, I promise. But first, a little business because it’s been a while!! I have been a wedding photographer for more than TEN Years now, and I’m going to be honest: This is the longest that I have gone without blogging a wedding or a […]

Girdwood Elopement | Marybeth + Elijah

If you missed my first post about our home remodeling journey, the big Before post – you should really check that post out before reading this one. I shared the story of how we found this house and the scope of work we did, and you really can’t appreciate the transformation without seeing that! I […]

Our Anchorage Home Remodel | After

If you make it through this whole post, cheers to you for sticking with me! Its a long one. I could have pared it way down, but this is more for myself than for anyone else. It’s been fun for me to sort through photos and reflect on the process that has taken up so […]

Our Anchorage Home Remodel | Before

I’m going to let you in on a little wedding photographer secret…love at first sight happens to us too, with couples that we photograph. Well, I guess I can’t speak for everyone, but it definitely happens to me. I fell head over heels for Mark & Jodie from the first time we met. Ha! Sound […]

Girdwood Raven Glacier Lodge Wedding

I have been looking forward to this Kincaid Chalet Wedding all Summer, and I’m so excited to share a few of my favorites here! Kat & Cameron have a fairytale kind of sweetness about them, and their story is incredibly unique. After first meeting virtually while *playing a video game* {yes, you read that right […]

Kincaid Chalet Wedding | Kat & Cameron

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