I’ve always said that I don’t do Senior Portraits. However, here I am posting photos of Hannah’s Anchorage Senior Portraits from the Fall. This past week I was looking over my work from the entire year and there are several shoots that I didn’t/couldn’t share on the blog for one reason or another. As I looked back at these photos of Hannah, I just felt like I wanted to share them because she is such a beauty and because I get to do what I want around here…its my blog!
For some reason I’ve always a little hesitant to take on Senior Portrait work, it just sounds a little awkward to me (the same way I used to feel about Maternity portraits, but thats another story). I don’t love the super smile-y, pose-y shots or the ones that make high school seniors look like calendar girls. Something about interacting with Seniors also scares me a little. Maybe I’m reverting back to my own high school experience, but I’ll analyze that later. Despite all of that backstory, when Hannah and her sweet mom approached me about doing a shoot with Hannah…my immediate response was ‘yes! when?’ I could tell that she wouldn’t want any of the stuff that I dislike about most Senior Portraits. Also, I’ve been learning lately that its good to branch out a bit. Sometimes you get pleasantly surprised, as I was in this case. Senior Portraits can actually be pretty great!
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Anchorage Senior Portraits :: Hannah

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December 16, 2014

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