In the last few years since living here in Anchorage Family Portraits have become more a part of my business than ever before. I decided to do a little highlight reel of some of the adorable faces and families that I photographed this year because I didn’t do a post for each individual session.  Its amazing how compiling a post like this one can help remind me just how much I love photographing families in their various stages, and how important these photographs are. To some of you I may sound like a broken record in saying this but since having a child of my own (soon to be two children!) I have come to realize how valuable it is to document these in an intentional way. Time just goes by so quickly these days and I know that without photographs to help me remember, the little details would too quickly be forgotten. It doesn’t always happen this way, but I *especially* love to photograph families in their own homes – not when they’re perfectly clean or decorated to pinterest-worthy proportions, but just the way they’re lived in every day. The real stuff. I hope that 2015 holds even more beautiful faces like these.
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Anchorage Family & Life Portraits :: 2014

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December 18, 2014

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