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A few weeks ago I photographed a floral workshop hosted by Bloomsbury Blooms & Blomma Designs at the Florist Shop on Fourth Ave. I absolutely love Dallas’ shop – if you’re ever walking by, stop in! Its perfect. Check out this article :: Norwegian Secrets to Enjoying a Long Winter I think Alaskans do a good […]

Floral Workshop :: Blomma Designs & Bloomsbury Blooms

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Erin of Blomma Designs on an at-home styled shoot. Erin is a designer and a planner and I’m always excited to hear when we’re working a wedding together. She can take anything and make it beautiful in an unexpected way. A little over […]

Set a Beautiful Table :: Blomma Designs

There are too many pictures in this post. There…I’ll just say it before you have a chance to think it! Its not just about ‘favorites’ but for me its also about the memories attached to the images. That’s why its so hard to narrow things down, especially in this kind of post. I’ve come to […]

2014 in Review :: Wedding & Engagement

A couple of nights ago I had the opportunity to meet Tara & Beth, the lovely ladies behind Bateau Bridal Boutique. I knew from what I had heard around town and seen online that I would love the place, but in person it truly blew me away. I have been shooting weddings for six years now […]

Anchorage :: Bateau Bridal Boutique

I’ve made a practice of reviewing all of my work at the end of each year…resulting in my favorite blog post of the year. I skim through most of the images (there are thousands and thousands), but a few of them jump out at me so I stop and drag them in to a file […]

A Beautiful Year :: 2013 Highlights

Lately I have started to do some reflecting. Taking some time to sort through my business, both literally and in more abstract ways. As organized as I am, I’m not a really good record keeper. Sometimes unless you slow down and take time to sort through things both in your desk and in your heart, […]

Career Milestone :: 101

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