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If you missed my first post about our home remodeling journey, the big Before post – you should really check that post out before reading this one. I shared the story of how we found this house and the scope of work we did, and you really can’t appreciate the transformation without seeing that! I […]

anchorage home remodel

Our Anchorage Home Remodel | After

If you make it through this whole post, cheers to you for sticking with me! Its a long one. I could have pared it way down, but this is more for myself than for anyone else. It’s been fun for me to sort through photos and reflect on the process that has taken up so […]

Our Anchorage Home Remodel | Before

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Erin of Blomma Designs on an at-home styled shoot. Erin is a designer and a planner and I’m always excited to hear when we’re working a wedding together. She can take anything and make it beautiful in an unexpected way. A little over […]

Set a Beautiful Table :: Blomma Designs

I went to Sweden last month. Even typing those words feels a little surreal right now as I sit in my living room with Levi watching Polar Express next to me on the couch. Isn’t a little weird how you can have a transformational life experience and then the reality of it so quickly fades […]

Visiting Stockholm :: Way Up North 2015

There are too many pictures in this post. There…I’ll just say it before you have a chance to think it! Its not just about ‘favorites’ but for me its also about the memories attached to the images. That’s why its so hard to narrow things down, especially in this kind of post. I’ve come to […]

2014 in Review :: Wedding & Engagement

One of the glorious parts of my job as a wedding photographer is that there is an off-season. Glory, glory hallelujah! {I doubt I’d survive life without an off-season. This year, mine started 2 weeks ago with a Hawaiian vacation.} I can finally play a little catch up and spend some time on areas that […]

Personal Post :: My 30th Birthday!

Come along on my personal adventures, big and small.