On March 17th Levi had his First Birthday! I never expected that I would be someone to be so excited to celebrate a first birthday, but I guess there really is something different about it being my own baby.
Lets be real honest here…I am known to put way too much pressure on myself about this sort of thing…and comparing myself to others via pinterest is not helpful! I didn’t go over the top, but I think that part of me just wanted Levi to know that this was a special day, and that I love him. Thank goodness (for Jamie) we had a couple of good friends in town the night before and they helped out sooo much.
This feels like as much of a celebration for Jamie and I (We all made it to this milestone, and more or less we are all in one piece!) as it is for Levi. We celebrated with lots of great friends and family, and Levi seemed to be in his element. The cherry on top was when Levi, sitting in his chair with the birthday candles lit, looked at his cake and said “Wow!” Melt my heart, why don’t ya?
Levi-James-is-OneLevi-James-is-One-3Levi-James-is-One-17Levi-James-is-One-4Levi-James-is-One-5Levi-James-is-One-6Levi-James-is-One-8Levi-James-is-One-9These next few are just because I wanted to do some One Year pictures. He wouldn’t cooperate until I put him into a cardboard box…whatever works, right?Levi-James-is-One-13Levi-James-is-One-15Levi-James-is-One-12Happy Birthday sweet baby!

Levi’s First Birthday

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March 20, 2013

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  1. Ah! LOVE the pictures in the box…how perfect 🙂

  2. Sonja Swanson Ellingson says:

    Love this little guy!

  3. Oh my! What a beautiful celebration! Levi is blessed with such awesome parents.:)

  4. Nathan Bosch says:

    Those in the box photos are awesome!

  5. Ann Oleinik says:

    OMG Erica, what a cutie! He is so expressive – is he 1 or 18?

  6. Christy Tyler says:

    Oh my gosh! Beautiful party! And those cardboard box pictures are killing me!!! So cute!!!

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